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Viral Kickstarter Campaigns with Cathrin Matchin

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Never did I ever think that Kickstarter could actually be used to be your ongoing selling platform!

I thought it was a platform to showcase the “ideas” or demo product models, where capital could be raised to crowdfund your idea AND THEN you could take your business to market.

Not for Cathrin Matchin, this ex award winning video game producer, turned Glow in the Dark Space Artist, not only used Kickstarter to launch her career as an artist, it’s literally her direct selling platform.

With billions of websites in the world, ranking on Google is not easy and even if you become an Amazon reseller, the market is pretty competitive.

So should more of us be looking at Kickstarter to try and offer our unique product or service?

She raised $289,000 in 30 days from Crowdfunders!


With her compelling Kickstarter campaigns, some of the largest SPACE companies in the world have taken notice to her work and have now commissioned her to create massive glow in the dark space art.

Was it SpaceX or N.A.S.A?

She couldn’t quite tell us with who just yet, but I think there are some big projects within Cathrin’s pipeline.

And guess what?!…

She ONLY just taught herself how to paint 2 years ago!

Cathrin Matchin shares her compelling story about pivoting into the world of art and business by utilizing Kickstarter, and tearfully talks about the pressures and expectations she had put on herself, in order to value herself within her previous career.

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Interview Highlights:


1:00 – Cathrin talks about becoming an engineer and rebelling against art because of the common saying that most artists are,”starving”.

2:30 – Her 10 year career within the video gaming industry.

3:30 – Cathrin was an executive producer for the Best Australian Video Game of 2015 and talks about the over exertion of this career that caused strain on herself and her relationship at home.

7:30 – She discusses the massive nervous breakdown where she realized she needed to get out of the video gaming industry.

8:15 – The Ted Talk that encouraged her to “draw her future” before she even figured out her future.

10:05  – She looks back and laughs about her big picture goal in wanting to hold an exhibition (before she even knew how to paint.)

Calm down, I think you should learn how to paint first?

12:15 – The first New Year’s Resolution she ever stuck to, where she committed to practice painting each Saturday – which was only 2 years ago.

13:10 – The #1 thing you need to remember is to be okay with being crap when you first start anything.

14:20 – She flashes the very first “crap” painting she attempted.

15:00 – After 8 months of learning and practicing, people on Facebook started requesting if she could hold an exhibition. (Big dream coming true)?

16:10 – Cathrin discusses her massive nervous breakdown and coming to the realization of how unhappy she was with her career in video gaming.

16:35 – The harsh reality of women who are willing to set their own personal happiness aside, in order to be seen as successful.  We discuss the expectations that we put on ourselves, including trying to be perfect.

20:00 – The first Kickstarter in 2016.

Her $4000 goal that was met within 4 hrs then hit $70,000 within 30 days.

22:00 – The humble moment when you go back to a minimum wage paying waitressing gig, because you think your Kickstarter was a fluke.

23:00 – Cathrin explains how Kickstarter works and gives some tips on getting started.

24:45 – Her 2nd Kickstarter goal was $12,000 and it hit $289,000 within 30 days.

She discusses the challenges when she had to create $70,000 worth of added on rewards that she wasn’t expecting.

25:15 – Cathrin shares tips on how she built momentum before her Kickstarter campaign began, by creating shareable content.

28:00 – 75% of Cathrin’s sales came from becoming a featured campaign that was organically boosted by Kickstarter.

She talks about early bird rewards and why responding and engaging with your backers is highly important in order to get boosted by Kickstarter.

Connect with Cathrin

World’s # 1 Crowdfunded Artist

What will you learn about Cathrin Machin?

She’s R.E.A.L.

Not only is she one heck of an artist with some of the coolest works I’ve seen, it was just so easy to relate to her because she is humble.

She had a fancy career that she truly believed was the measure of her value, and even though it was high paying, not only was she working to the point of exhaustion, she realized that she didn’t feel fulfilled.

Being seen as a successful woman was so important to me, I was willing to set myself on fire, overtop of my own personal happiness.

~Cathrin Machin

So she took a risk and QUIT, then she began again.

I spent 10 years in a career working so intensely hard, and then I matched my income in just 8 months while having no clue what I was doing!

~Cathrin Machin

She wasn’t a natural born artist.  She simply believed in herself and committed to consistent effort.

The #1 thing you need to remember - is to be OKAY with being crap when you first start anything.

~Cathrin Machin

Lets talk about the Ego…

Even though Cathrin believed her Kickstarter campaign was a fluke, she didn’t let her ego get in the way of taking a waitressing job so she could continue her passion.

Whether you have/had a high paying career, were laid off OR you decide to try your hand at entrepreneurship – It’s OKAY to do what needs to be done in order to feed the family while you’re in transition.

Sometimes the flexibility of a part-time job that doesn’t exactly pay you’re real worth, can give you the freedom to focus on what you truly desire for your future, while also reducing financial or relationship stress.

Amazing Glow in the Dark Space Art!

Glow in the Dark Space Paintings by Cathrin Matchin

Cathrin Machin Kickstarter

If you want to get in line for some totally awesome glow in the dark SPACE PAINTINGS, you’re going to want to bookmark her Kickstarter page!

Connect with Cathrin:

5 Tips for Making your Kickstarter Go Viral

Stay tuned for part 2 of this episode, where Cathrin gives us 5 key tips to making your Kickstarter go viral and how to grow your instagram following.

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