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Helcim Introduces the Small-Business Women Initiative

CALGARY, AB – Less than 36% of businesses in the United States, and 16% of small businesses in Canada are majority owned by women. Helcim wants to help change that with their Women-Owned Small Business Initiative. If your small business is majority-owned by women and was registered within the last 12 months, Helcim will waive their monthly package fee for one full year.

Nicolas Beique, Helcim’s Founder and CEO says, “We know more women becoming business owners helps create a more equal workforce for both women and men. Having more women in leadership positions means there are more advocates for equal pay, advancement and safe work environments. Helcim wants to be a part of the solution, and that is why we are launching this initiative.”

At Helcim, supporting small business has always been a focus. The company has done this by making their payment processing services transparent and affordable, and by educating business owners on the common pitfalls of the payment processing industry. Helcim then built an all-in-one platform called Helcim Commerce to empower business owners. By providing a wide-range of business tools, it helps small business owners do more than they thought they could.

Starting a new business is always a challenge and starting one in a male-dominated world makes it even more daunting. If Helcim Commerce can give small businesses a better chance at success, then they also want to make sure those tools are in the hands of every woman starting her own business. Helcim believes that if society is to continue to progress towards gender equality part of the progress needs to come from great businesses started by women.

Business owners looking to get started with the Helcim Small-Business Women Initiative simply contact the Helcim team by phone or email. Business owners will need to provide their business registration documents to have the monthly package fee waived.

You can learn more about the Helcim Small-Business Women Initiative and the qualifications at the link below:

Wow Miranda, so the founder is giving FREE payment provider/e-commerce services to female founder/run companies?

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