We had nothing.We just had an Idea

Husam & Steve - Getting Resourceful with Little Cash-Flow

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I got the job and HATED it!.

Real tears were shed in this interview when two chemical engineering students shared their story with WiseChase TV about their journey from employment to becoming entrepreneurs.

They founded a social enterprise, which came with a lot of challenges that had myself relating to the real emotional cycle that happens when you decide to take a risk to begin again.

Steve Paolasini and Husam Al-rameeni met at McGill University, and became fast friends.

They were both high achieving students, active on their student council, pursuing their Chemical Engineering degrees.

Husam had a $40,000 scholarship and was working with professors building reactors.  It was very technical and quickly began to feel montoneous.

Each time he entered the lab, he found himself wanting to withdraw from everyone.

When he told Steve about how he felt, Steve had related to feeling the exact same way.  This was when Husam began applying for over 300 jobs online and never got one call back.

I finally started looking on LinkedIn and seen a manager job in Calgary, AB. No resume, no cover letter... just an email being myself.

Husam pitched himself to the company, explaining why he’d be a good fit for the role and he got the job!

He sold everything and moved west to Calgary.  It wasn’t long after that a marketing position became open at the same company and Husam wanted to get Steve to Calgary, so he pitched the job to Steve and his initial reaction was,

But I'm a NOT a MARKETER!?...I'm an Engineer!

After multiple failed attempts to find employment near his hometown of Grimsby, Ontario, Steve was ready to take the risk.

I was tired of getting rejected by (generic mailchimp) campaigns...

These passionate guys will have you laughing and relating to the blood, sweat and tears that went into building their own vision while transitioning from employment to entrepreneur to grow and scale their vision.

Interview Highlights:


5:56 – Husam discovers what Steve’s problem might have been in the job application process.

6:40 – Steve hilariously outlines what the job competition difference was like between Alberta and Ontario.

7:45 – What startups and employers can learn about leadership, freedom and recognizing good ideas. Husam’s big let down within his first management experience.

9:00 – They explain how their health and lifestyle took a turn for the worse when they hated their jobs.

9:40 – Steve’s idea on how they could fund and open a business together

10:50 – Their launch plan.

12:18 – How they managed to quit their jobs, but obtain their boss as their first client.

12:45 –Why having integrity is important and how it can benefit you during the transition from employee to business owner.

14:00 – Husam and Steve get emotional about the people who kept pushing them to believe in themselves.

16:25 – What an intern helped Steve and Husam discover.

18:48 – The meaning behind their brand, HustleCo.

20:00 – Future visions and serial entrepreneurship. How they are collaborating with their own students and clients.

21:41 – Steve explains what he believes should be the focus for new innovation in Alberta and his frustration between the comparison of Calgary and Silicon Valley.

23:40 – They started a TV show to document their journey and hold themselves accountable.

27:30 – CHALLENGES during launch! How they prevented Husam from being sent back to his country of Jordan. Their experience with contacting Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

How far would you go to execute your vision?


It’s the challenges and strength within a relationship that can either make or break a partnership or vision.

Steve laughingly joked,

I would have married him if I had to!

Husam and Steve created HustleCo. A co-working space and marketing incubator with a social mission.

This is what makes HustleCo’s space unique.  You are surrounded within an environment of others who want to help you level up your business!

Check out HustleCo Here:

Follow HustleCo here:

Steve & Husam’s Wise Advice:


Husam faced immigration challenges which created a lot of stress for both himself and Steve during their launch.

According to them, if you have a great vision and and can increase employment or business within your community – this may be a consideration by your local government when extending work permits.

Although Husam and Steve contacted Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau – they received the most results from contacting their local MLA.

How to scale your business once you’ve maxed out your budget:


Focus on building your community and offer something of value.

This could be a FREE useful workshop to help you achieve brand recognition.

Steve & Husam’s Message to Entreprenuers


When going through the struggle, what do you think is the most powerful thing that keeps you going?

Mindset! It's not how much money you have or don't have - it's how much you desire and believe in your own vision

Focus on what you want and be passionate.  Nothing will stop you if your belief system is strong and your vision is big enough.

We had NOTHING! We just had an idea...it was crazy for us to think that we could build this, but we still did it!

-Husam Al-Rameeni

It’s like exercise, you have to read and keep going to the gym in order to see and achieve results.

When you are struggling and feel afraid; focus on what you’re grateful for.

You can't be in a state of suffering if you're in a state of gratitude

-Steve Paolasini

Finally, we couldn’t agree more with Husam’s final statement to giving the advice of always surrounding yourself with the right people.  You could lose everything, but if you have the right support system – you can build again.

Find Steve & Husam:

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Jolene Stillinger
Jolene Stillinger

Jolene Stillinger is the Founder & Host of WiseChase TV. She's a creator and lover of writing, marketing, and everything entrepreneurial. She's also the head digital marketing strategist at: https://www.feedfoxx.com

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