The BUGS that REVERSE Damage

Ira Pastor

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What if we could grow up and turn ourselves back into a child again?

A real life Benjamin Button.

Meet Ira Pastor, the man behind the research of studying species that can actually do this, so we can mimic the same process in humans.

Ira tells WiseChase TV why he left the “treatment” industry to pursue the science of producing cures.

Cures for ailments such as Cancer, Alzheimers, Diabetes and Spinal Cord Injury.

He believes his company, Bioquark now has the scientific research behind nature showing us the path to change the human condition.

What would happen if we could actually harness the ability to revert back to healthy status?

How could this affect or disrupt a $7 TRILLION dollar industry?

With this amount of money spent on healthcare worldwide; why is there no retail cures yet?

In biotech, you will meet people who have failed and even though they might want to make an investment, they may not want to see you succeed.

~Ira Pastor


Key takeaways:


♦ What you need to know when getting into biotech.

♦ The interesting facts on certain species that can regrow their tissue and organs!

♦ How company’s that focus on CURE will disrupt the business model of big pharma.

♦ How to raise capital.

♦ Where to find large capital and what/who to stay away from.


**WATCH this Interview:

Interview Highlights:


1:56 – Ira’s 30 year involvment with “treating” people and why he left big pharma.

3:23 – The animals and organisms that can regenerate and repair themselves.

3:42 – The residual profit margins behind big pharma.

4:35 – How Ira is studying the process of turning back time before tissue was diseased.

5:55 – How will company’s that produce CURES affect or change the pharmaceutical industry?

6:18 – The new insects that Ira is studying that can turn cancerous tumours back into normal tissue, by utilizing the same regenerative abilities as many amphibians.

8:30 – Can the Immortal Jellyfish tell us how we can reset our own genes and reverse age?

11:05 – Why big pharma does not want to get you out of that wheelchair or repair your heart.

13:04 -Ira’s advice on getting into biotech and raising LARGE capital.

15:15 – What is a roadshow?

15:45 – What you need to know when recruiting investors for your company.

17:55 – Is it better to raise too much money or be conservative?

18:58 – What you need to find out about your investor!

21:00 – RESOURCES: Where to go to find capital nationally, locally and what to stay away from!

Biotech Entrepreneurs:


In summary, getting into biotech is a very long, expensive process and not for the faint of heart.

However, if this is your passion, never give up but be careful who you marry when it comes to investment.

Some quotes for your back pocket:


The investor with the LARGEST wallet is not always the BEST. Don't always look at the total amount that someone is managing. Look at the companies they are invested in and how well they've done at growing and maturing those companies.

~Ira Pastor


Always be raising your next round of money so you are not in a position of negotiating at a point when you're running out of money.

~Ira Pastor

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Jolene Stillinger
Jolene Stillinger

Jolene Stillinger is the Founder & Host of WiseChase TV. She's a creator and lover of writing, marketing, and everything entrepreneurial. She's also the head digital marketing strategist at:

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