Sold EVERYTHING to Create the Mobile App he Needed

Hafiz Mitha - Founder of Play City App

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The more we invest our time into technology, the less we are physically active.

The reality is that once we finish school, it isn’t as easy to meet people, especially if you’ve moved to a new city or community.

Let’s face it, not all of our best buds enjoy the exact same hobbies, but what if an APP could make this easier?

As featured on Tedx, we’ve brought Hafiz Mitha to WiseChase TV.

He’s created the very app that can match-make you to a new friend that is based on location and hobby.

They’re considering this, the ‘Tinder’ for the hobbyist looking for an activity partner.

How do you bring a mobile app to the marketplace anyways?


Learn about Hafiz’ s story on selling EVERYTHING, so he could create the APP that he wanted for himself, to connect with others and build community.


Key takeaways:


Can you build an app without paying for development? Hafiz did.

♦ How getting involved in charity work and community can catapult your brand.

Dealing with the backlash from your parents: When they do not align with your decision to ditch an MBA education to become an entrepreneur.

♦ How to make yourself look good to a prospect client if you don’t have an actual office.

♦ When you are doing REALLY well financially and sell everything to start a new company.

♦ What to do when you are doubting yourself.


WATCH this interview

Interview Highlights:


01:40: When did the idea come to Hafiz and why?

02:15: He discusses how he was sourcing out people to find to play tennis with using Kijiji 

02:40: Hafiz discusses Play City App and how it works?

03:02: His business model – It’s FREE for hobbyists so who is his customer?

04:09: How long did it take to build from seed to fruition? What is the process for app builders to understand the journey of getting an app to market?

06:26: Hafiz was going to be a lawyer! The professor that saved him $1500 by asking this one question.

06:59: Hafiz discusses his first company that he sold – built at 23 yrs old. 

07:41: What to do when you have prospective clients, but you have no office space.

08:22: Why Hafiz exited his other company’s – he’s had 3.

08:41: The shoe box campaign that absolutely blew up! Joi to the World… 

11:00: When Hafiz was more excited about helping others in need, rather than making big money. 

12:00: The backlash he got from his father – When he told his dad that he wasn’t going to go to law school anymore.

15:48: He shares why he didn’t want to pay for development and how he partnered with people who believed in his vision. 

16:35: His entire vision for Play City App. It was not just to play sports, it was to bring people from different backgrounds together, to have conversations and meet people that you wouldn’t have ever met, by using sport as a medium to bridge connection.

17:17: His supporters and backers. He wanted to hire people and find ambassadors that believed in the same mandate, including Olympian champion, Hayley Wickenheiser.

19:33: Who he likes to hire. It doesn’t matter where you work or where you’re from, as long as you’re passionate and you’re intrigued by what we’re doing.

19:40: How he attained funding, partnership and resources.

20:20: Where does an idea start to take shape?  Hafiz iterates that you should share your idea, get out of your comfort zone, pitch as much as you can – then ask for what you need.

20:40: Where you should start looking for resources. Talk to other entrepreneurs, go into accelerators, go to meet ups and read the books that other people tell you to read!

20:49: How did you ask advisors for help?

21:16: What were your darkest moment through your journey? Hafiz talks about finances.

23:09: The “should I just get a job moments?” What stops Hafiz from going ‘there.’

23:41: What makes Hafiz feel rewarded by the work he’s accomplished.

24:01: What to do when you are having doubts about what you are doing or why.


Filmed on location at The Inc.
A co-working space for entrepreneurs in Calgary, AB Canada

Hafiz’s Wise Words:


When you’re starting out with any idea, you have to validate that the problem actually exists.

Don’t be afraid to talk to people or ask for help.

Hafiz lives by the Motto:

If you don't ask - you don't get.

He left two other successful companies which he started and sold all of his shares so he could start Play City App, a company that is purpose driven.

It appears that fulfilment is what Hafiz is after once he experienced charitable giving.

I would get super excited when I had to drive this massive truck and drop off boxes and see the look on kids faces. More than actually doing the work I was doing at my marketing company.

When we choose fulfilment, it’s truly a wonderful thing.

Can you imagine getting people to interact again.  To socialize.  To play and be active and bring diversity together as one?!

Our team looks like the United Nations. We have every colour, every culture, every sport level.

~Hafiz Mitha

Hafiz on Tedx

Connect with Hafiz Mitha

Founder of Play City App

How does Play City work?

Hafiz on Doubting Yourself:


When I doubt myself, I keep going back to my journal of all these little wins and say to myself,

No! you've been selected for all these accelerators. You've been a TEDx speaker. And now you've helped thousands of connections to be made with your APP. Things are working.

Just keep focused, keep motivated and it everything takes time.

~Hafiz Mitha


The best reward…


When someone contacts him and says,

“I was having a terrible time in the city, until I saw your APP. I now feel great because I have friends and am actually feeling socially connected.”

I wish this app was around when I had done all my moving throughout my life!

But Hey! It’s here now, so I’m going to download Play City and find a gym partner that likes to go at the same time as me!

4:30am anyone?

Thanks Hafiz!

Keep Going!

The ones who persist will actually get further vs the ones who will easily back out.

~Hafiz Mitha

Connect with Hafiz:

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