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Doing a WiseChase TV interview gives you the the opportunity to share the story behind your budding or profitable business. OR share your expertise if you like to teach or inspire something in the minds of others.  Our audience is eager to learn, ask questions and hear what you have to say.

Our Topics of Interest 

Successful Founders

Founders & Co-founders of scalable & revenue generating businesses that can share inspiring success stories, painful lessons and words of wisdom that comes from experience.

Cool Start-ups

Start-ups that deliver a unique user experience and interesting upstart stories.

Tech Tools

Think you’ve developed the next best software for marketing, a new technology that makes our lives easier, or a software that will level up our business practices, we love to discover new  tools and technology!

Marketing Experts

Are you an expert and can provide tools that really help a business level up their marketing efforts. Give real advice on the latest tools, tricks and digital marketing strategies that can provide a business or entrepreneur real results. 

Social Influencers

You have a big following on any social platform such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin etc. and you’ve figured out how to turn your followers into paying clients or customers. 

Venture Capitalists

Did you get in early on an explosive business or figured out how to identify profitable ideas? If you can share tips and strategies on how to raise funds, scale and tell us how about good deals and bad deals, we want to share your story and help start-ups discover you.


You can’t execute an idea without getting into an ideal mindset. If you have strategies and expertise on how to get into a sustainable mindset, we want to hear from you.

Health & Fitness

We all need to be healthy and fit in order to run our businesses for the long-term, but we can struggle with the balance between work, family, leisure and self-care. If you’re an expert and have strategies to help us succeed at sustaining a healthy lifestyle, we are passionate about developing fit entrepreneurs. 


If you struggle with any relationship within personal life or work, this can impact an entrepreneurs entire vision and growth potential. Are you an expert at helping people develop and sustain positive relationships with other people? We look for experts who specialize in communications, employ engagement and professionals who specialize in personal relationships, such as spousal and family dynamics. 

Successful Exits

We want to know about your journey from start to exit – What worked or didn’t work? Have you had failures in the past? Provide your experiences on what really helped your business or trade. 

Think you’d be a Great Fit? 

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