A Marketing & Online Operations Visionary

Jolene Stillinger is a media personality and podcast host on WiseChase TV, but first and foremost is a product launch & marketing strategist who’s planned, launched and scaled online local and global brands for over a decade.

Jolene is able to strategize intelligent digital campaigns and opt-in sales funnels for content marketing that will grow email lists and convert leads into paying clients or customers.

Additionally, she’s able to help businesses pivot from traditional operations and transition to online operations. Whether you are professional looking to deliver your value online, to product based company’s with sales representatives needing to collect leads and present products, Jolene can develop a detailed strategy and has the tech skills to implement your sales process or rewire your online operations.

With Jolene, you’ll work with an expert mechanic to set up client-getting sales systems, strategizing engaging offers within high converting sales pages that get results.

Together, you’ll create the right message for your target market and implement automated tools and systems – that you’ll be able to duplicate and market to your audience over and over again.

Launch & GenerateSales

You may be creating engaging posts or ads on social media, but this is wasteful time & dollars if you do not have a low risk but HIGH-value offer to provide cold traffic – and know how to present it online. Your offer needs to command attention and be engaging enough, enabling you to take a lead through your digital sales journey and onboarding as your next client.

When working with Jolene, this is NOT a coaching experience.

You get high-level marketing consultation, learning about the most efficient and affordable tech tools with LIVE one-on-one work sessions to implement your sales strategy and automate it.

You’ll identify your target market, develop your message with effective sales language and design a low-risk offer that will kick-off your personalized customer journey converting them from a lead to your next onboarding client or buyer.

Tech Stack

We'll help you pick low-tech tools for your launch and implementation, so If you're just starting out and intimidated by the "technology question"...we've got you taken care of.

Audience Targeting

Identify WHO your audience is and develop a message that 'speaks' to your market, driving them to engage with you.

Sales Funnel Design

Design lead magnets & high-converting sales landing pages that collect prospects, with an expert who has an eye for design and the tech skills to connect automated email response systems that will to nurture your leads towards checkout, and onboard new clients.

Advertising Assets

Design and develop advertising assets with low-tech tools that are ready to be implemented within your sales formula and ad placement.

Lead Magnets

Strategize and create simple downloadable's such as PDF's and webinars, that grow your email list, to softly market your product or service.

Automated Scheduling

Configure the tools you need to create a booking page that automates your scheduling process and also qualifies your leads.

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Brand & Startyour Podcast

With less than 1 million ACTIVE podcasts in the world and 144 million commuters who are driving to work, the podcast audience has HUGE potential to be utilized as a marketing vehicle for your own brand or get paid by sponsors.

With podcast distribution platforms seeing a 250% rise in podcast consumption hours, the podcast sector has now become a $1 billion media market…and advertisers want to get in front of these consumers.

Podcasting has proven to become a fantastic marketing vehicle to drive traffic to your brand and command authority. With Jolene you’ll discover how to brand, set up your podcast and learn how to distribute and market your show.

What else canPodcasts do?

  • Increase your Social Clout
  • Become an influencer and Inspire
  • Use it as a Marketing Vehicle for your Brand
  • Attract Additional Income Streams
  • Sponsored Advertising Opportunities

Visual & Audio Equipment

Learn about the most advanced BUT affordable visual & audio equipment, including lighting if your show is also visual.

Branding & Distribution

Every podcast needs a brand, artwork & content niche. Develop, design & scale your show with a content marketing strategy. Learn about the artwork criteria needed in order to distribute your show across listening platforms such as iTunes, Google Podcasts and more. You'll discover the best softwares to automatically push your listeners favourite podcast platforms.

Attract Guests

Develop a list of powerful guests to interview on your podcast and learn how to not only contact them, but also entice them as to WHY they should interview with you. We provide tips and strategies to make you stand out, so that people will want to be guests on your show.

Market & Monetize!

Learn how to create snippet teasers of your episodes to post or promote to your email list and for multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and more, which will grow your audience. Discover how to create strategic episodes with guests to promote others products or services and make additional income as an affiliate by learning how to market these episodes.

How we Support your Business:

Individual Sessions & Accountability

ONE-on-ONE intensives to strategize, implement and hold you accountable.

Private Team Training

 Online systems training for your marketing or sales teams to have them marketing and presenting your offers, the modern way.

Endless Ideas & Brainstorming

Dynamic brainstorming where you can bounce ideas, ask questions and get feedback.

Who's this for?

  • Consultants
  • Coaches
  • Financial Planners
  • Public Speakers
  • Realtors
  • Sales Reps
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Book Authors
  • Course Creators
  • Product Specialists
  • Podcast Hosts

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