Dedicated to the Ones Who Never Give Up


By want means can you secure funding? When do you scale? How do you grow your customer base? What about partnerships?


As entrepreneurs, how do we come together to make an impact and give back to our communities, while carving out time for our health and relationships?


How do we keep up with the ever-changing pace of technology to stay ahead of the curve and understand where is it going?


Why WiseChase TV was Created:


  • To be able to share tips, tools, mistakes, failures and successes
  • To guide the newbies and others on their journey.
  • To let struggling entrepreneurs know that you are not alone.
  • To support you when you feel like quitting right before you succeed.
  • To cheer you on when you’ve hit a glorious milestone.



A Message from Jolene:


I built WiseChase for those who are chasing dreams and for those who are eager to get a taste of what it’s really like to start something that you are passionate about…For those who want to get started, or just level up your existing creations, and lastly for the ones who never give up and want to inspire something in the minds of others.


I’m a strong believer in doing what you love – And this is what I love! I’m here to help you learn, grow & get inspired to design your own dream.


Jolene Stillinger
Founder & Host
WiseChase TV


My Story


As early as I can remember, I curiously sought out the unknowns. I found myself wanting to understand the why, how and what made things work.


I wasn’t sure what my calling was, but found myself divorced with a daughter at 24yrs old and knew I had to create financial stability for our future.


I started in finance while beginning to casually plan events as a sub-contractor for a magazine based out of Toronto. There were challenges; deadlines, a business I wasn’t passionate about, bosses, lay offs, etc.


There was this dichotomy of working in a field that I am passionate about with financial unknowns, and a world with structure and steady income. There were no easy choices.  Some were made for me and each role came with their own unique set of risks, stresses, joys and fears.


I realized that I was just coasting. I was standing still and lost my curiosity. It wasn’t until a near-death experience that I found myself thankful to be alive, but also changed and wanting to rediscover my true passion and purpose.


I started to attend conferences to seek others for inspiration.  After meeting high profile founders and experts from around the globe, this drove a passion for developing businesses, so I started a consulting business that specialized in business launch and operations, until launching FEEDFOXX, a video production and marketing company.


LISTEN to Jolene’s Story on the
Work. Passion. Fit Podcast:

About WiseChase


While launching a local food franchise in Calgary, AB, the local economy had my talented friends suffering lay-offs because of the oil and gas recession. This caused a dismal mood within the city; people lost jobs and businesses.


As much as a lay-off or failed business can be a blow to the ego; it can also be a blessing in disguise because you are forced to rediscover who you really are again.  You might have been stuck in something for years, that you perhaps grew apart from without realizing, until the choice was made for you.


And this is when you discover open doors that you missed before, or the same moment that you decide to change your career or start a business.


I believe that my journey only transpired because of connecting and surrounding myself with like-minded people, which is why I created WiseChase TV.


A passion project inspired by the founders who took the time to inspire me – then and now – and will hopefully inspire YOU.


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